Dora the Explorer 26 (DVD)

Dora the Explorer 26 (DVD)
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ISBN 9787883677987
Level Beginner
Size 4.5x6 IN
Language Chinese/Some English
Publisher Guangzhou Beauty Culture Comm. Co.Ltd
Year Published 2007
Author Nick JR

Dora the Explorer and her faithful companion Boots embark on new adventures in two beautiful episodes, Whose Birthday Is It & Quack Quack...all in Mandarin Chinese!

The program is all in Chinese except for key words that are translated into English in each lesson (the words that would be in Spanish in the original show). So, your child can easily learn these key words as well as Dora's favorite phrases because wherever she would speak English in the regular show, she now speaks Chinese! Boots and backpack also speak Chinese now.

All of the songs have been very well translated and performed in Chinese. This is one of the best translated programs available. Backpack also sings her trademark song in Chinese!

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