Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (Textbook & Workbook & CD & MP3 Set)

Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (Textbook & Workbook & CD & MP3 Set)
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Weight 2.0 lbs
ISBN 7561916183
Level Beginner
Size 8.5x11 IN
Pages 123,70
Language Chinese/Pinyin/English
Publisher Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Year Published 2006
Author Helen H Chen

Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System is a newly complied Chinese Phonetic teaching material written from overseas learners’ perspectives. Both textbook and workbook are in Chinese and English, each accompanied by a CD, to enable learners to practice repeatedly. This is a great introduction book for the beginners.

The textbook consists of 10 lessons. Lesson 1 provides a brief introduction to the standard Chinese phonetic system. Lessons 2 to 9 are designed to teach you how to pronounce each sound through the learning of the Pinyin system--21 initial consonants and 36 simple of compound vowels. Each lesson (except lesson 2) consists of three sections: Section 1: introduces the phonetic symbols and their ways of pronunciation. And it compares the similarities and differences between Chinese and English in pronouncing a particular sound when it becomes relevant. Section 2: presents classroom exercises including a series of pronunciation activities such as sound and tone recognition, discrimination and pronunciation practice. Section 3: provides exercises such as Chinese tongue twisters or poems for further practicing the introduced sounds in meaningful contexts. Lesson 10 gives a brief introduction of the phonetic spelling rules for writing Chinese syllables and tone changes in the context of intonation patterns. The last part of the textbook, and Appendix, introduces classroom expressions which is helpful to learners for class practice. In addition to the textbook, a workbook provides after class exercises for each lesson.

This order is for the complete set of one textbook, one workbook, one audio CD and one MP3 disc together.

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