Traveling Around China with 300 Words (Book & CD Set)

Traveling Around China with 300 Words (Book & CD Set)
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Weight 1.00 lbs
ISBN 7040183170
Level Beginner and Elementary
Size 5.2X7.2 IN
Pages 156
Language Chinese/English
Publisher Higher Education Press
Year Published 2005
Author Wang Raomei

Traveling Around China with 300 Words. This handbook is compiled to provide basic dialogues regarding touring for tourists and foreign students in China. It is intended for the tourists or learners with no or rudimentary grasp of Chinese. The book is for English speakers and provides English translations and Pinyin throughout the whole book. It focuses on questions and dialogues needed while raveling. It is a practical reference book for English-speaking people who are in China for a short time and features comparison of customs between China and overseas.

The basic dialogue comprises about 300 commonly used Chinese words. This handbook with pictures and words is portable and ready for reference. Some of the daily words and expressions in the ‘further study’ part in each chapter are provided with pictures of actual scenes and illustrations.

This order includes 1 book & 1 Audio-CD set.

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