100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom

100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom
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Language Chinese/English
Publisher Sinolingua
Year Published 1999
Author Yin BinYong

To liven up spoken Chinese, Gems of the Chinese Language through the Ages series presents the selection of everyday idioms, which includes four books: The Stories Behind 100 Chinese Idioms; 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom; 100 Common Chinese Idioms and Set Phrases; and 100 Chinese Two-Part Allegorical Sayings. China has a history of 5,000 years and a lot of idioms have evolved over time. A lot of literary quotations and allusions are still used today. Ignorance of these idioms is a prime cause of misunderstanding to Chinese language.

100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom collects the most popular gems of Chinese wisdom, such as “A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit,” i.e. you learn from making mistakes, or, “What you hear about may be false, but what you see is true.” The Chinese use these wise sayings on a daily basis. Each "pearl" is presented in Chinese, Pinyin, and English, with an illustration, and is followed by a brief explanation in Chinese and English. Some more obscure expressions are clarified with the help of annotations in both Chinese and English. This is a great book to help you learn Chinese language and culture, and who knows....you may even become wiser in the process!

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