Zhongwen / Chinese Textbook Vol.3 CD-ROM

Zhongwen / Chinese Textbook Vol.3 CD-ROM
Item# zhongwen-chinese-textbook-3-cd-rom

Format Image file (.iso)
ISBN 9787810296373 / 781029637X
Level Beginner
Size 292,936KB
Print Length N/A
Language Chinese/Pinyin
Publisher Jinan University Press
Year Published 2010
Author Jinan University Press

Interactive CD-ROM for Zhong Wen / Chinese textbook vol.3.

Will deliver electronically with in 24-36 business hours after payment received. The link will be available for 5 days after delivery.


1. Download Image file (.iso) to PC.
2. Burn a CD using Image file(not data file). (Any CD burning software can be used).
3. Play CD. CD should play itself without any extra software.   

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